Community Service Program (CSP) 2016 -2018

Arts                                                                                         Home Life

 Chairs: Donna MacDonald            Chairs: Barbara Kennedy & Peggy Reynaud

Jeanette Castro                                                                    Chris Blackmon

Linda Cromwell                                                                   Donna Davis

Dot Mays                                                                               Teresa Ennis

Doris McGlothlin                                                                Marguerite Greene

Doris McGlothlin                                                                 Fran Price

Debra Semple                                                                        Sara Tew

Martha Smallwood                                                              Joyce Wagner

Nancy Randolph

Jahmi Wunsch

Conservation                                                                                  International Outreach

Chairs: Bev McDougall & Vickie Cardin                         Chairs: Patty Byrne & Sandy Allen

Kim Beivogel                                                                           Anna Campbell

Jennifer Fortunato                                                                Emily Cox

Anne Moel                                                                               Grace Grant

Tammie Stagnitta                                                                 Kathy Koch

Stephanie Wallace


Education                                                                                    Public Issues       

Chairs: Dot Mays & Shirley Simmons                        Chairs: Lis Boyles & Jean Seabrooke

Fran Baggs                                                                           Bobbie Asad

Pam Booker                                                                          Teresa Ennis

Vicki Currin                                                                           Marilyn Gardner

Julia McCombs                                                                      Marguerite Greene

Jeanne Ridpath                                                                      Amy Massengill

Chris Taylor

Julia Yeargan

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